Hill End

Hill End


Class One and Two’s trip to Hill End.

Hill End is a residential and field study centre in the glorious countryside near Oxford. The centre includes various areas of interest including ponds, streams, chalk grassland, marshland and developing woodland. Much of the area is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). There are also classrooms, an adventure playground and dormitories to provide overnight accommodation.

Class One spent Monday at Hill End, whilst Class Two stayed overnight and enjoyed two days at the beautiful centre.

The children took part in various activities such as water colour painting, scavenger hunts, salt dough ornaments, shelter building and pond dipping.

Here are diaries of each day written by two of our pupils:

“Yesterday we went to Hill End. When I got to Hill End I could see the letters that spelt Hill End. When everyone was here we went up the hill to the dormitorys. Class two looked inside and we went to sit down and put our stuff down. When class two came out, Mrs Walsh and Mrs Jupp explained what we were going to do. My mum was helping but i had to call her Mrs Hart. Sadly she was not in my group. We were making our tiles first. I had a very beautiful leaf! The salt dough was very sticky, it was so sticky it stuck to my hand. For the background I did big dots and little dots. After that we did the scavenger hunt, we went through a hill that had lots of daffodils in. Molly picked a daffodil up and stuck it on a piece of paper. We also found a dead holly but then it was time to head back. It was lunch time I was very hungry. After lunch we did our last activity which was making a house for a door mouse. We leaned it against the tree but then it was time to go home. It was early so Mrs Woodford read us two stories then it was time to go home”.

 By Lily Hart

“In the morning we woke up and went for a shower, when we walked in they looked ok but we were in for something bad. I turned my shower on and suddenly the water madly busted out like an elephants trunk. It went on the floor, the wall, the roof, basically everywhere but on me! In the end we had a wash in the sink!

Finally i got dressed and went for my breakfast. I had rice crispies and one piece of toast with just butter on it. It was yummy! We started to head down the hill to go pond dipping but first we had a play in the field. It was very fun.

Next we had our lunch. It was make your own sandwich. i had a ham sandwich, ready salted crisps and a piece of cake that i dropped, oops!

Next we finally went pond dipping. We got ready and walked to the pond. We had a quick chat about safety then we started to look for pond creatures. 

After pond dipping we walked back and did our diary again. It was very cold. Once we did that we put our big bags in Mrs Hemmings car so luckily we didnt have to carry them all the way down the big hill. Next it was home time! I could see my mum! Goodbye Hill End! “

By Ben Harris

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