Science week 13.3.17 – 17.3.17

Science week 13.3.17 – 17.3.17

We had an amazing day doing Science with Renee Watson. She showed us how a Volcano works using Vinegar and baking soda showing it reacting and then the build up of pressure then release. She then showed us what happens when she mixes Yeast and Hydrogen Peroxide with some colour powder and washing up liquid. The results were brilliant to see with the children’s reactions.

“I like it when we put all the ingredients in a jar and it went Boom!”

Class 3 were doing a CSI investigation

“Our class found out who stole the trophy.”

Class 2 were making Potions

“I liked it when we added the blue dye and when we shook it it changed from blue to clear.”

Class 1 and FS were looking at seeds

“I liked it when we put socks on our shoes.”

KS2 had a special “Colourful Chemistry Magic” demonstration assembly by Mr Laithwaite (senior), put on for Science week. We watched red cabbage juice and radish juice changing different colours, depending on if we added vinegar or soap (MAGIC… or just the right sort of chemistry!). We learnt how these liquids can be used as indicators for acids and alkalis. We then watched a magical rainbow fizz using universal indicator with acid and bicarbonate of soda. This showed the exact pH of a solution throughout the whole pH scale, as the acid neutralized the alkali and bubbles fizzed to the top of the glass tube (MAGIC… or just the right sort of chemistry!). We saw how dry ice bubbled and smoked in water, and how it changed the colour of an indicator as it bubbled and evaporated. We also experienced how this smoke could carry the scent of vanilla essence across the whole hall, filling the air with the beautiful smell of ice cream. On top of all of this, Mr Laithwaite (senior) even managed to turn an iron nail to copper in front of our very eyes (MAGIC… or just the right sort of chemistry!).

“We smelt the vanilla on the dry ice.”

“We watched the dry ice bubble, it was cool.”

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