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Class Three is taught by Mrs Tingley (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Clark (Thursday & Friday).

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 Welcome back to the Summer term!

We hope everyone has had a lovely break and they are ready for even more fantastic learning. Time certainly flies when you are having fun and unbelievably, we are in the final term of the school year! Our topic this term is ‘Allotment Challenge‘ and there will be a big focus on Science. In Class 3 we will be referring to ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’ by Phillipa Pearce, which is a children’s classic and also ‘The Akimbo Adventures’ by Alexander McCall Smith, which tells the tale of a boy, living on the edge of a game reserve in the heart of Africa and his struggles to protect the amazing animals which live there. An overview of our learning can be found on our topic-web here:

An overview of the Maths we will be learning during this term can be found here: 

A copy of the timetable for Class 3 can be found here:

Please note that on occasion, it might be necessary to alter the timing of some lessons, depending on the circumstances.


The children will be given homework every week. There will be a Maths and an English activity to complete and these will be set every Thursday and will need to be returned to school by the following Tuesday. We appreciate that the children all have busy lives and that clubs and events outside of school can sometimes impact on evenings and weekends. Please do not hesitate to contact us if your child is struggling to complete the homework tasks within the set time.


The Year 6 children seemed to take everything in their stride during SATs week. Everyone had worked very hard in preparation for the tests and all of the children gave 100%. The Year 6’s were calm and confident and all of the staff at school felt extremely proud of how they conducted themselves during this important and intense week. Well done everyone, we knew you could do it!!

Ongoing Learning

A core part of our Maths learning revolves around knowledge of the times tables. The children will be given daily (15 mins) times tables sessions where the children will learn a particular times table. The children will be regularly tested on their tables and so we will encourage them to practise these at home whenever possible.

We will continue with our 4 x weekly spelling sessions as part of our ‘Read, Write Inc’ scheme of work.

A brief overview of the spelling objectives to be covered this term in Read, Write Inc can be found here: ReadWriteInc Summer Term 1

The following list of words, taken from the National Curriculum, will also be used to support the planning, teaching and learning of spelling in Year 5/6.



P.E this term will comprise of  striking and fielding skills. P.E sessions will take place both inside and, if the weather allows, outside so all children are expected to have the appropriate kit in school at all times.

 2016-2017 SATs Test Dates

Weekly Overview of Learning

Each week our class web page will be updated to include a more detailed overview of our learning:

Chill Skills

Class 3 are learning a variety of relaxation techniques in a series of 8 sessions. Led by Nicky Tew every Friday afternoon, Chill Skills also encourages the children to develop confidence and self esteem.

Class 3 Separating Mixtures Investigation

This week, class 3 investigated how they could separate different mixtures of materials using techniques of: sieving, filtering, decanting, evaporating and using magnetism.

We hope that the information on our website is useful to you. We will aim to update our page regularly to keep you informed about the children’s fantastic learning. If there is information that you would like to see on the site that has not yet been included, please let us know.

 Best Wishes

Mrs Faye Tingley & Mrs Becky Clark


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