Extra – Curricular Activities

Parents are charged £3 per hour for the following which take place outside school learning times.


Before School Club

We currently run a before-school club which starts at 08:00. Around 20% of our children use this facility and it is run by Mrs Suzy Miller, Mrs Barbara Edwards and Miss Wilson.

The children have the opportunity to play outside as well as inside and there are activities to keep them busy, including some seasonal ones.


Construction Club

Construction club is run by Mrs Hemming and is held on a Monday lunchtime. The children have the opportunity to build and construct all sorts using many different materials such as paper, lego, train track etc…


Knight School

Mr Van De Walle is running this Tuesday after school club  from 3:45 – 4:15 pm which involves learning about how to be a Knight – chivalry and honour. It is open to boys and girls from Year 2 upwards. Click here to find out more about Knight School.


Football Club

One of our parents, Matthew Carter, runs the football club on Wednesdays after school. A club for any enthusiastic KS1 or KS2 pupils, boys or girls of any ability, who want to play football.

We are very grateful to IGNITE and Jack Kennedy for the very nice and new football kit. Thank you.



Multi-Sports Club

We have a Multi-sports club run after school on a Thursday. This club is run by Mr Kennedy from Ignite Sports. It covers and large range of sports and aims to improve the children’s skills.


Chess & Draughts Club

Pinch your opponents pawn, nick their Knight, capture their castle, and wreak havoc on their rook, all just to capture their king. Check, mate, that you’re signed up for this club. Friday lunchtime, for anyone. All abilities welcome.


Science Club (Class Three)

The interesting bits of science, all applied in a fun way. From making sparklers to growing your own crystals, come and join our two qualified scientists for a most excellent time. Science club is run on a Friday after school from 15:45 to 16:15. Class Three only. Maximum capacity of 12 children. Click here to find out more about Science Club (Class Three)


Maths Club

Magical Maths  is coming to Stanton Harcourt Primary School with a super fun after school maths club and we would like to invite your child/children to come along and join us for some fantastic mathemagical fun!

Magical Maths club is packed full of exciting games and activities that are super fun and highly educational (but don’t tell the children!).

Please be aware though, that we do have limited availability and places will fill up fast. The places will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so be sure to sign up quickly to secure your spot!

Visit www.magicalmathsclub.com or call 01865 986195 to save your space!

We hope to see you soon 🙂 Click here to find out more about Maths Club.


Cheerleaders Club

Cheerleaders club is run on a Wednesday. The children are really enjoying it and they will be getting their T-Shirts next week. We’re all looking forward to seeing them perform.