The Knight school is a Chapter of the ‘Knights of Sol’ (KOS), a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting an original and modern concept of knighthood with an emphasis on personal development, fitness and a gentle introduction to medieval martial arts.

The KOS curriculum includes:

KOS lifestyle

The primary objective of KOS is to provide young people with everything they need to become modern knights. The Code of Sol, which all members must learn to live by, provides strong core values and principles for young people in a modern world. KOS also introduces key skills like teamwork and leadership as well as personal development concepts to help children focus on long-term success. Storytelling is used as a tool to provide inspiration and illustrate key concepts.


The warrior fitness programme uses a combination body weight workouts, cardio routines and games to build strong bodies. KOS encourages a healthy lifestyle by offering basic advice on topics like nutrition and general fitness.

Ultimate Medieval Combat

Like their Asian counterparts, medieval European countries had their own martial arts (Historical European Martial Arts) which were just as sophisticated. KOS has developed Ultimate Medieval Combat to provide children with a gentle and fun-filled introduction to HEMA by using a combination of traditional training, games and team-based scenarios. We use foam weapon simulators and plastic helmets for protection, so it is very safe for children and perfectly suitable for boys and girls from Year 1 onwards.

Sessions run every Tuesday 3.15pm to 4.45pm. Taster sessions can be arranged. KOS instructors are DBS certified and the club is fully insured.

For more information about Knights of Sol, please visit the website:

Please contact the school office if you would like to sign up, or e-mail Mr Jonathan van de Walle if you have any questions: