This week we went to The Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, it was such a brilliant day out and really enhanced our History learning. We started our trip by exploring the museum, using our prior knowledge to see if we could spot any artefacts that we thought may have been from Ancient Egypt. We then built upon our learning, by exploring the different artefacts in detail. We learnt why the Egyptians used certain colours and how they were made, we explored their deep fascination and respect for the afterlife, we learnt how different classes were treated after death and studied a real sarcophagus. We also learnt how they made paper from Papyrus and discovered that they used different, more simplistic writing than hieroglyphics in day to day life. We were so impressed with how many links the children were making with the learning that we had covered in class and how well they listened so as to learn new knowledge. We were even praised by a member of staff about how quietly and respectfully we walked to lunch, we were so proud, well done Badgers!