Badger Class News 3.2.23

This week Badgers have been working really hard in English, learning about features of a discussion text. They have mastered rhetorical questions, linking adverbials, formal language, present tense, introductory paragraphs and summarising. Mrs Bayliss and Mrs Tingley popped in to see one of our English lessons and were so impressed with the children making links to their prior learning and understanding how it could help them in their current and future learning. In Maths, we have continued to look at measure, but moved on to perimeter and area, understanding what they are and how to calculate them. We have even been looking at rectilinear shapes, which are quite tricky, we were

so impressed with the children’s reasoning and problem solving skills, when trying to work out missing lengths, they were truly showing a deeper understanding of the topic. We have finished prepping our collage materials now, we have a special double art session planned next week, so that we have time to create our collages, Mrs Stevens and myself can’t wait to see how they turn out. We have a few exciting things planned for next week, let’s smash the last week of term Badgers!