Squirrels Class News 22.09.23

This week has been great – we have really settled in to the swing of all of our learning!

We have made great progress in phonics, and I have been so impressed with all of their hard work in English, writing some amazing sentences using adjectives to describe! In Maths we have been looking at comparing items based on their length and weight, looking forward to moving on to looking at mathematical symbols next week.

More experiments in science – finding out what materials are waterproof and what are absorbant. Finding out all about the fire triangle in History, and looking at all of the reasons that led to the Fire of London being so great! We used dominos to show that it was a build up of all of these reasons that led to the fire being so destructive.

In RE we were looking at how Christians show their appreciation for God – we showed our appreciation for everything that we are given by taking some time to admire and appreciate a strawberry!

Lastly, in computing we have been looking at the features of different kinds of computers and devices. Mrs Oliver told us all about her desktop computer, and then we had a go at using the Chromebooks, very exciting!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Information Evening next Thursday. Have a great weekend.