Badger Class News 28.03.24

What an impressive finale we’ve had to conclude this busy term!

After weeks of practise, we performed our outstanding play with confidence and pride, showcasing it to pupils, teachers, and our families. We received great reviews for both our singing and acting!

For our group science investigations, we collected data and used this to answer the questions we had set for ourselves. Now we know that cardboard is the best material for making paper airplanes, and regular food intake provides the energy needed to run faster.

Wednesday was our DT day! Prior to this day, we had already researched global and seasonal foods to enable us to design and make a springtime tart. We learned essential skills for cutting vegetables safely, including the bridge and claw grips. After focused taste testing, we selected the best combination of spring vegetables, creating mock-ups to ensure an appealing tart appearance. Assembling our puff pastry tarts and sampling them once cooked we the highlight! We were extremely proud of how delicious they tasted and have taken the recipes home to hopefully bake for our families!

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone, both at home and at school, for all their efforts throughout the term.

Happy Easter!