Art Week and Outdoor Classroom day in Year 6

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This week in the run up to half term has been Art Week (including the Big Draw) and has also included Outdoor Classroom day. The glorious weather has helped Year 6 enjoy all that the week has had to offer. In maths we explored tessellation and pursuit curves. On Outdoor Classroom day we took part in a mark-making-based Big Draw followed by outdoor maths with a challenging tree-planting problem.


Tessellation – we each created a tessellating shape from a square of card. Here is our final display:


Pursuit curves – we looked at how you can create curves using only straight lines and that this is in fact how the sides of a circle work. We experimented with pursuit curves in triangles, squares, irregular pentagons and a regular hexagon. We worked out how to choose whether to create a ‘fan’ or a ‘twisting cylinder’ when placing an adjacent shape.

Parents and carers would be welcome to come in and look at these lovely pieces of work in the classroom.


The Big Draw – this incorporated mark-making with soaked tea bags, graphite, charcoal and oil pastel and included both individual and group work.


In our outdoor maths lesson, we tackled the following problem:

A school gardening club has been given ten trees and has been asked to plant them in five rows each of four trees. We found this challenging. First the groups had to realise that a single tree could be in more than one row. Then there had to be a breakthrough of realising that a grid layout wouldn’t work and that diagonal lines were going to be key. The final challenge was back inside, trying to draw the solution in our books!