Badger Class News 09.02.24

In Badger Class, we have finalized our learning about the digestive system with “the best but most disgusting science lesson”! We recreated a human digestive system using crackers, orange juice, water, and a pair of tights. We had great fun grinding the food with our hands as if they were teeth, adding saliva (water), and stomach acid (orange juice) to the food before squeezing it through the small intestine (the tights) to remove the nutrients. Once the nutrients had been absorbed into the body, we pushed the waste through a hole in a paper cup onto a plate. The whole class had great hands-on fun while answering the big question – What happens to our food after we eat it?

In our PSHE learning, we engaged in a thoughtful and cooperative task of designing a garden that would be good for people who face a particular challenge. Continuing with our kind and respectful discussions, we conducted a class vote to determine the focus for fundraising for our Batwa community. We have reached a consensus to fundraise for the purchase of a mattress for a family and are currently busy planning for this initiative.