Badger Class News 12.1.24

Badger Class Explores Chocolate Tasting, Healthy Eating, Dives into Swimming, and Buzzes with Roald Dahl Reading Sessions

What a first week back Badger Class have had! We began by immersing ourselves in our class novel ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Transforming into chocolate-tasting experts, we explored the art of savoring chocolate, engaging all our senses with descriptive language. Additionally, we’ve pondered the wisdom of a diet focused on eating only fruits and vegetables. Through the exploration of a wide variety of foods we could create our own eatwell plates. This blend of literary exploration and real-world discussions has lead to a holistic understanding of healthy choices. Our teacher has enjoyed our enthusiasm, and we look forward to more exciting discoveries ahead! In other news, we had our first swimming lesson of the year, and were eager to develop our water confidence and skills.

Our reading sessions are abuzz with excitement as numerous children passionately dive into the enchanting world of Roald Dahl’s fabulous stories! all Badger children should be bringing home a novel to read at home. Please do encourage children to colour in their leaves in their home learning books for each completed book so that we can add these to the school display.