Badger Class News 13.1.23

What a fun week (and a bit!) we’ve had back. We have started our new Geography topic ‘Rainforests’ which we are all very excited about, we have shared our prior knowledge and have written questions about what we’d like to find out this term. In English we read ‘The Great Kapok Tree’, a story about a man who travels into the jungle to chop down the great tree, but he is visited by many of the inhabitants who persuade him otherwise. One of those inhabitants may have paid a visit to our classroom, evidence suggests that it was a giant anaconda! We are pretty sure it has gone now, but it has inspired us to start planning a character description of a rainforest animal. In Science this term we will be learning about plants, we kicked off our learning by dissecting a tulip and learning about the plants parts and their functions. In Maths we are learning about addition and subtraction with exchange, we have moved through working with concrete resources, to pictorial representations and are now confident to use a formal written method. We have got off to a great start and have lots more exciting learning to look forward to this term.