Badger Class News 18.11.22

The Badgers have worked so hard this week, we have now completed all of our English assessments and we will be starting our Maths assessments on Monday. In History, we worked in groups to explore what daily life was like in Ancient Egypt, we found out so many interesting facts including that the children were mainly taught by priests. In Science, we created models of moving arms after learning how muscles, tendons and bones work together to make our bodies move! In Maths, we have been learning about fractions and completed a practical investigation to help us really understand what a numerator and denominator was, some children were even able to spot equivalent fractions! In RE, we played Christmas symbol bingo whilst we listened to The Christmas Story, we spotted key symbols and marked them off, we found it interesting that some of the symbols that we traditionally associate with Christmas didn’t appear and we discussed the difference between commercial and religious symbols.