Badger Class News 24.11.23

Eager and prepared for an exciting day of adventure, battles, and metalwork, Badger Class dove into a day filled with thrilling activities! Guiding us through a captivating Viking and Anglo-Saxon workshop was Alison from The Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock. The workshop not only reinforced our understanding of the raids and invasions that spanned a 500-year period of history but also allowed us to actively participate in reenacting the prolonged battles between kingdoms leading up to the establishment of Danelaw, Mercia, and Wessex. The experience was truly astonishing as we got to hold genuine artefacts from that historical era and explore many meticulously crafted replicas. This hands-on encounter helped our children gain a deeper appreciation for the intricate metalwork and common features of the time. To conclude our immersive workshop, we engaged in the design and creation of metal brooches, drawing inspiration from photographs of authentic artifacts. It was a day of learning, fun, and creativity that we can’t wait to share with you!