Badger Class News 20.1.23

The Badgers have been working hard as ever this week. In Science, after learning about the function of leaves, we made predictions about what would happen to a plant if all of its leaves were removed. We have set the experiment up next to a plant with leaves and will study its growth over the next few weeks. In Art we explored hue, tone, tint and shades, in preparation to start planning our Henry Rousseau inspired collages next week. In Maths, we have been learning about measure and this week we looked at equivalent lengths. We did find it tricky to begin with but we are now confident that ‘there are 10mm in 1cm!’. Next week we will be looking at metres and kilometres. We really enjoyed our visit to the mosaic man and I’m sure your child will be eager to point out their part when it is installed. Play rehearsals are in full swing, please encourage your children to practise their lines and the songs at home and if you have any questions about costumes do let us know!