Badger Class News 21.4.23

What a busy first week back it has been! When we arrived back at school on Monday we discovered someone had broken into our classroom and painted it like a Stone Age cave! We decided it must have been Om and The Stone Age boy from our new class text. Throughout the week, we have been learning about and writing alliterative verse poetry imagining we are living in The Stone Age. In keeping with the Stone Age theme, In Science we started learning all about rocks, we were so lucky to have a loan box from The Natural History Museum in Oxford, so that we could get really hands on with the rocks and investigate their properties. We also explored another loan box during our first History lesson, looking at artefacts from The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and guessing what they could have been used for. We had some very interesting discussions about how some things rot and how difficult it is for archeologists to put together a picture of the past using only what remains.