Badger Class News 23.9.22

We have had a brilliant week in Badger Class. In History, we continued to explore ancient civilisations. We used images of artefacts to make inferences about significant inventions from each civilisation. We then worked in groups to showcase our findings and voted on which invention we thought was the most important. We have also started to think about our school council vote, in PSHE we have been discussing why it is important for children to have a voice and be heard, which made us think about what kind of person may be best to listen impartially to our views and represent our class. Mrs Stevens and I were very impressed with the children’s detailed sketches of laying lions in art, they have been studying different perspectives in order to plan their clay model designs of ‘The Great Sphinx’. We are so excited to get started on our writing next week, the children have all thought of a plot twist/dilemma for Marcy to face and they will begin planning their stories on Monday, we cannot wait to hear them!