Badger Class News 27.1.23

Badger Class has lots to show you this week. In Science on Monday, we learnt about different variables and decided that our independent variable would be light. We have placed our seedlings in areas with varying amounts of light, from direct sunlight to complete darkness and we are excited to see what happens. In Geography on Tuesday we used atlases to research different rainforest regions and looked at their various landforms and features, this is called topography. Afterwards, we completed the first stage of the collages, which is their backgrounds, using various materials. In English, we have started learning about the features of a discussion text. We were lucky enough to have the parents join our ‘hook’ lesson where first, we visualised a beautiful field surrounded by woodland and hedgerows, we then created field and woodland creatures and decided where they should live in our field area. Unfortunately, the serenity was disturbed when Farmer Hutchins came in and announced she was struggling financially and was being forced to sell an area of land for property development! The animals had to put together an argument as to why their area should be saved. It was a very fun lesson! Finally, in Maths, now that we have mastered different units of measure, we practised adding and subtracting lengths. We did this practically through a team jumping competition!

Well done Badgers, you have worked so hard and deserve a rest this weekend.