Badger Class News 6.10.23

Badgers class have been busy developing their reporting skills this week. They have taken quotes from the police and witnesses and can’t wait to put together their newspaper reports. Despite the rain and wind, Year 3 and 4 runners met on Monday to compete against other local schools in a cross country competition. They showed perseverance and strength and we look forward to finding out the team results. In maths we have been applying our place value knowledge when rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and have now mastered this learning. In art we were inspired by the artwork of Max Ernst. We went on a texture search, making careful rubbings in a choice of colours that we then used to make layers images of flowers. We were all exceptionally proud of the finished results. Many of us have now taken home our recorders and are enjoying practicing for next week’s lesson.