Badger Class News 7.10.22

We’ve been trying to solve a mystery this week in Badger Class, on Monday a backpack arrived that we believe belongs to missing explorer Marcy Brownstone. Inside, there were some clues to where she may have been travelling and some unnerving pictures that may tell us her last whereabouts. We are hoping to gather some more information and we are learning skills in order to write an online article about the event. In Science, we learnt about the light from the sun, we used a UV light to test how effective different sun creams were at blocking the UV rays and then went on to create and present posters to advise people how to keep safe in the sun. In History, we have started to explore Ancient Egyptian beliefs, we already know about pyramids and this week we built upon our learning, researching different Gods. Next week, we will further this learning when we visit Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. Of course, we finished our week with another fun PSHE lesson, we always start with a team building game and this week it was creating letters of the alphabet using our bodies. I challenged the groups to work with children that they wouldn’t usually, and they were surprised at how well they worked as a team with different members of the class, this was a great example of living, learning and growing together.