Badger Class News 9.6.23

We have had a fantastic first week back, the children have come in refreshed and rested and have shown so much enthusiasm towards their learning. In Science, we have started a new topic ‘Forces and Magnets’, we started the unit by experimenting with gravity and friction by running cars down ramps covered in different materials, such fun! In English, we finished reading The Iron Man, and made our very own robot from scrap metal. We then moved on to look at writing for humour and have been writing limericks about the Iron Man’s tumble down the cliff. We were so proud of the Y4’s this week, who completed their Multiplication Check, well done to all of you. In History, we continued learning about The Stone Age to Iron Age and had a debate about which material was best for making tools and weapons – Stone, Bronze or Iron. It got very heated! Finally, I wanted to share pictures of the children’s fantastic artwork from last term, this term we will be doing DT and trying to replicate the process of bronze casting with food.