Badger Class News 9.9.22

It has been so wonderful to welcome back our new class and see so many smiling faces! I have loved reading your summer holiday scrapbooks and seeing all of your momentos, thank you to everyone who bought something in.

We have got straight back into learning, doing lots of practical and mastery maths to ensure that we have a good understanding of place value. In English, we solved a riddle written in hieroglyphs and found out the title of our new class text ‘Marcy and the riddle of the Sphinx’. That inspired us to write riddles of our own in the form of Kennings poetry. In History, we learnt how to use a timeline and explored where the Ancient Egyptian civilisation fitten in! We were surprised to see how far away in time it was from other historical topics we have covered, such as ‘The Great Fire of London’ and ‘The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings’. In Science, we started to explore light, we attempted to block out all light from our classroom but failed due to the transparent ceiling windows that were letting in light from two sources – the sun and the electric lights in the hall! In PSHE we wrote a class charter, reflected on how it felt to be included as a part of a team and enjoyed a very relaxing meditation (much needed at the end of a busy week!).

We are looking forward to welcoming parents into class next Tuesday evening to tell you a bit more about our learning this term.