Badger Class News 17.11.23

Badgers have worked hard throughout the week! Imagining that we are a young, meddling explorer named Arthur, we have written diaries about our epic adventures to capture the roots of a mountain to help the god Thor.

Our maths focus has now switched to  multiplication and division. We have made arrays, shared and grouped to embed the understanding of these operations and will be deepening our understanding of each of our multiplication tables. We know the importance of retrieveing these facts regularly at home.

In science we have been exploring the components that we need to make a circuit work. We could varying the brightness of a light bulb by changing the number of light bulbs or the number of batteries, remebering to be safe!

We have explored three different digital art apps, assessing the tools that they have and the effects we could create. For children who were interested in continuing this at home, the links can be found on our Google Classroom Year 3/4 Computing stream.