Badgers Class News 8.12.23

We’re bursting with excitement and pride as Badger Class embarked on bringing together their magical journey inspired by the legendary “Arthur and the Golden Rope.” 📜✨ Creative Quests: With zeal and creativity, our students meticulously planned, wrote and performed their very own sequels, closely mirroring the structure of Odin’s mythical quests. The challenges were nothing short of vast and magical! We can’t wait for our parents to experience the enchantment as they listen to these captivating tales—crafted with passion and flair. Mathematical Marvels: In our recent math lessons, we delved into the patterns of the 3, 4, and 8 times tables. As we unravel these numerical concepts, our goal is not just rote memorization but a deeper understanding, fostering autonomy. Aerodynamic Adventures: Hold your breath as our slingshot cars near completion for the upcoming race! The chassies and bodies have been constructed with careful use of  our plans, considering aerodynamic properties as well and captivating graphics

vehicles. Watch this space for the thrilling results!