Bunnies and Busy Bees Class News – 14.10.22





We have all had another fantastic week in EYFS. The children have really enjoyed thinking about how special and unique each of their families are. We read ‘My Family is Magic’ and designed our own houses, talking about what their houses look like and adding lots of detail. We also enjoyed reading ‘Paper Dolls’ and made our family paper dolls which lead to lots of great discussion. Busy Bee’s joined the rest of the school at the church for Stanton’s Harvest Festival. They were incredibly well behaved, performing their song and listening respectfully to everyone else’s performances. The children have continued to work hard in phonics, we have now learnt lots of new sounds and it’s wonderful to see the children applying those sounds in their work. I look forward to seeing you all next week at parents evening.

Just to make you aware, we are unlocking the gate slightly earlier in the morning and at pick up to let you drop off and pick up scooters, bikes etc.