Busy Bees and Bunnies Class News 05.07.24

Another busy week! Our class book this week is Chapatti Moon. In Maths the Busy Bees have been exploring double and equal groups. We have been using different objects, art and even snacks to learn about doubling and sharing into equal amounts. The Bunnies have been recapping their learning on putting numerals in order. We have put our numbered teddies into the right order and created our own number track using number tiles. Busy Bees have been writing about their best memory of Reception. It was lovely looking back through photos to remind us of the great experiences we’ve had such as World Book Day, our trip to Cogges farm, Chinese New Year and many more! In PSHE we all reflected on how we feel about moving into the next year group soon. Many of us feel excited and we also talked through some worries we had. We also looked at the recipe for chapattis which we will make next week.