Busy Bees and Bunnies Class News – 15.03.24



Another week has flown by and we have had great fun celebrating Science Week. Busy Bees took part in a morning of activities with Dr Faulkner focusing on viscosity of liquids and the children had great fun. Bunnies have been working hard on forming their numbers correctly and are showing really good progress with their oral blending. Games like eye spy are really helpful to support with this, at home. In Science this week we have been looking at Floating and Sinking. We conducted a little experiment using a variety of objects, in preparation for making boats next week. We have also been learning about Ramadan, the children were really interesting about this celebration. We talked about good deeds and the children shared what they would like to help with at home. We had suggestions like ‘helping to feed the dog’ and ‘helping mummy and daddy get ready for dinner’.


We have been so impressed with how much the children have learned about the Big City topic. They know so much about London and many have said they would really like to visit the captial one day.


We hope you all have a lovely weekend


The EYFS Team