Busy Bees and Bunnies Class News – 19.01.24



We had an exciting start to the week when the children arrived into class to find a bit of a mess on the floor. The children set about making and writing predictions about who had made the mess, our lovely cleaners and Peppa Pig were high on the list! We looked at finger prints and how each individual has unique prints, the children were fascinated. We read ‘The case of the Red Bottomed Robber’ which the children were enamoured with. We have focused this week on cutting skills and the children have had great fun cutting out wiggly lines, straight lines and curved lines, perfecting the skill of cutting. We ended the week with a visit from a dental nurse who practically showed the children how to effectively brush their teeth and how to keep them strong and healthy which is so important.

This week the Busy Bees have been consolidating previously learnt sounds so there will be no new sound cards this week but there will be some maths homework.

Have a lovely weekend.