Busy Bees and Bunnies Class News – 22.09.23



I am so proud of the Busy Bees this week. We are now 2 weeks into phonics and they are listening so carefully and working incredibly hard to learn all the new sounds we are introducing. It is wonderful to hear how keen they are and how they are teaching phonics to their grown ups too. This week we have also started Maths, looking at counting accurately and at the purpose of counting.

The Bunnies are also settling in so well. This week they started aspect 1 of phonics which introduces children to the awareness of sounds in their immediate and wider environment. The bunnies all went on a sound walk around the grounds and had a wonderful time.

This week we have read and discussed ‘The Lion Inside’ looking at words like courage and bravery and what they mean. We have also discussed friendship and what a good friend means to the children. The mentioned words like ‘trust’ and ‘belonging’.

In Art we made spaghetti lions which has been fantastic for their fine motor skills and the children have enjoyed daily dough disco which helps to strengthen their gross motor and fine motor skills.

Next Thursday evening we would love to welcome all parents to our Curriculum Evening.

Have a lovely weekend

The EYFS Team