Busy Bees and Bunnies Class News – 24.03.23





We have had another very busy week.

The children have enjoyed being outside and capturing those moments of sunshine. We’ve discussed signs of Spring and looked around our outdoor space to see little buds growing.

This week we have been busy making our boats. The children are all so very creative. We discussed that the boats need to be waterproof and need a large surface area in order to float and not sink.

We enjoyed finding out about Ramadan this week. The children were keen to find out  how others celebrate different religious occasions and they were good at sharing their own family traditions. We made good deed lolly sticks, thinking about what we could do to help others. Hop   efully there will be lots of helpful children helping to tidy and set the table this month!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

The EYFS team