Busy Bees and Bunnies Class News – 24.11.23



Another week had flown by and the children have taken part in  some fantastic learning.

This week we have continued our topic of ‘Our Community’ and together we looked at pictures of Stanton Harcourt in the past, describing how the village has changed/remained the same. The children were fascinated to see the photos. We read ‘The 3 little pigs’ and the children enjoyed looking at the different materials, describing the different properties of straw, sticks and bricks. We all decided the bricks are the strongest and were definitely the best material to build houses from. We did notice that some of the houses in the village had straw roofs and these are now less common in houses.

The children are working hard to learn their Nativity songs and actions. Please could we have costumes in by Friday next week so we can ensure everyone has a costume.

Have a lovely weekend

The EYFS Team