Busy Bees and Bunnies Class News – 26.04.24

We have had such a busy week and have accomplished so much!

We started the week with a slightly wet, soggy but fun Earth Day. The children enjoyed helping to plant Carrots, Radish, Sunflowers, Sweet Peas, Parsley, Cosmos, Runner Beans and tomatoes. We discussed in detail what the plants need and tucked them away in the greenhouse. We collaged planet earth, discussing the sea to land ratio. The children loved learning the 7 continent song. I wonder if they could sing it for you at home? We also discussed what we can do to help protect our beautiful Earth.

In Maths, the Busy Bees have been learning different ways to make 5 whilst the Bunnies have looked at 2D shapes. The children made a life cycle of a butterfly, sorting different shaped pasta and then gluing it in the correct order. Some children took part in a cricket session and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, there are some budding young cricketers in the class.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend

The EYFS Team