Class 3 trip to Westminster

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On Monday 15th July, Class 3 headed off to London bright and early, arriving at Parliament Square at 10:15. Here we ate our snacks and looked at the statues which we had previously researched for homework. We then visited the Houses of Parliament. We had a tour of the building including the chambers of the House of Lords (red leather and gilt decoration) and the House of Commons (green leather and wood). We also visited Westminster Hall where we saw a recent stained glass window where the illumination is controlled by the tide level of the River Thames. After this we took part in a debate as we proposed, refined and passed our own ‘law’ to bring in electric cars by 2030. We debated what should be done with the redundant petrol and diesel cars; whether we could have car parking spaces which would work as contactless charging points; the need to install an engine sound for safety reasons; and whether we could use solar panels to generate the electricity needed. We learned how bills ping back and forth between the Lords and the Commons as they are scrutinised and refined before they become laws. After the workshop we enjoyed lunch in the Victoria Tower gardens before visiting Westminster Abbey where we saw the coronation chair, the beautiful vaulted ceilings and many memorials to people we have heard of including Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, Rudyard Kipling, C.S. Lewis, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare. We had a super day and learned a lot.