Class One Visit to Oxford Story Museum – 2 March 2017

We had a Wonderful Trip to the Oxford Story Museum on World Book Day.

We explored the museum. One section was themed around animal stories. With our story tubes we looked, listened and smelt our way around the different places to see. We sat at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party table and bravely went through the wardrobe into Narnia. After that we went into a story telling room and listened to the story of Anansi the Spider.

We then planned a new adventure for Anansi the Spider, we thought about the different characters in the story and that all stories have problems that are usually resolved at the end. We brought back our story planning notes so that we can write our stories at school. Then we listened to a story and learnt some story telling skills.

Finally, we all went to bed! Our teachers were so tired that they fell asleep!