Badger Class – Spring Term

28/02/19 – *I’m picking up good vibrations!*


Our new science topic this term is sound! We have been investigating what sound actually is by observing the vibrations on different musical instruments (drums, boom whackers and triangles). Here is some of our early investigations.


11/02/19 – Stone Age Hunter Gatherers


To make our Daily Mile even more exciting the Badger Class have been hunter gatherers around school by finding various stone age animals, berries and poisonous mushrooms! We sorted these into three categories and raced to see how many we could collect.



06/02/19 – Hill End Trip!

On Wednesday 6th of February the Badger Class visited Hill End Adventure Centre and travelled back to the Stone Age. Throughout the day we travelled through time discovering new tools and inventions that made everyday life easier for our ancestors. We were in two tribes – the wild boars and the black wolves! we competed in various hunter gatherer activities, den building and cooking skills to determine which tribe was the best! Below is the ‘silly’ group picture that was taken on the day! If you follow the links, you’ll be able to access all the photos from the day.





16/01/19 & 23/01/19 – Badger Buddies!

The Badger Class have teamed up with the Busy Bees and have started our very own buddy system. Each week the two classes will come together to learn different ICT, art and reading skills. So far we have be learning how to log on which can prove tricky when you don’t know how to use a mouse pad! The Badger Class act as the ‘brains’ whilst the Busy Bees act as the ‘bodies’ to complete different tasks. Below is some of the fun we have had already!

11/01/19 – An Incredible Start!

The Badger Class have made a fantastic start to the New Year! Our Topic this term is the Iron Age to Stone Age and in Science we will be looking at animals including humans. We are really lucky to have a museum box from the Hands on Oxfordshire Heritage (HOOH) company that is full of real and replica artefacts from the Iron Age. Here is a sneak peak at the museum box!

Our class text is the ‘Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura who is a Japanese children’s book author and illustrator. Below is the Badger Classes retelling of the Stone Age Boy using freeze frames. The Badger Class have worked really well together this week!


Reminder – Homework will be given on Thursdays/Fridays and the Badger Class will have two weeks to complete this (due date will be on the homework task). Additionally, the Badger Class will have a spelling test every Thursday morning and the spelling lists can be found on this page.


Spring 1 – Curriculum Map


Autumn Term

23/11/18 – Rock on!

Autumn term is well and truly underway and the Badger Class have been incredibly busy. In particular, we have been looking at rocks and soils in science which links very nicely with our topic of the extreme earth! We have been working scientifically recently to observe, describe and classify different types of rocks that we found in and around our fabulous school. We have learned so much already and cannot wait to share it on Friday the 30th of November at our sharing assembly! Here are some pictures of our work so far;


09/11/18 – Spelling Lists

From half term onwards, the Badger Class will have a spelling test every Thursday. As requested by parents, I have uploaded the full spelling lists up until January 2019 so you can access these from any time at home! We will discuss in class the best ways to practice our spellings and hopefully we will see some fantastic scores each week. There will be prizes for our top spellers and those who make the most progress!

Spelling Lists

Extra Half Term Homework

I’d like to start by wishing everyone the best half term! If you would like to complete any extra homework over half term then below are some options. Apologies for the lateness – if you wish your child to complete the extra work then please could I have all work in by Friday 2nd of November. Enjoy!

Extra maths

Extra English


09/10/18 – Bird Cakes

The Badger Class is a very caring class. We do not only care for each other, our school and all we have but also the wider world. In particular, our outdoor spaces at school and those who live in them.

As the nights draw in and the weather cools down, life for our local birds becomes harder and harder. We reflected on how lucky we are to have such an abundance of food and wanted to care for those who might struggle as winter approaches. As a class we decided to focus on the local bird that visit our school and decided to make some bird cakes.

We got very messy and had even more fun whilst caring for the local environment.



02/10/18 – Outdoor Story Telling

Badger class took a break today from writing their myths and legends to do some outdoor story telling. We used natural materials and our imagination to create our own mini myths.

The class confidently know the features of a myth and were able to work effectively in teams to create their own. We also used puppets for our heroes or villains.

A few examples were sticks being used as magical  fairy hat holders, conkers and shells for soldiers wearing helmets and white sand to show sand on top of the worlds tallest leaf mountain.

Badger class really enjoyed letting their imaginations take them away to far away lands!


24/09/18 & 25/09/18 – Prayer Space!

Every class at Stanton Harcourt School was very lucky this week to experience a Prayer Space session.

The sessions looked at forgiveness and thanks. Badger Class reflected in the ‘sorry sand’ by writing the word sorry for things that they might have done wrong. Our apologies were then forgiven and washed away by shaking the sand and moving on together as a team.

We also enjoyed looking at the natural world around us by collecting leaves and writing things that we are thankful for. Some examples were our education, our food, our community and our friends.

We finished the session by thinking about equality and writing our hopes for the world. Many children hoped for world peace, food for all, education for all and equality. Thank you to the Prayer Space team!


A very warm welcome to all those who have joined the Badger Class this year! The Badger class has made an incredible start to the year and we are already learning so much. The Badger Class is far more than a class – we are a team!

Below are some of the topics that we have already started to cover in lessons;

English – Myths, legends and fables.

Maths – Place value.

Science – Light and Shadows.

Topic – The Groovy Greeks.

Music – Rhythmic patterns.

PE – REAL PE (Balance).

French – Conversational language.

We have also been practicing our handwriting skills in the continuous cursive style and have developed our reading skills daily. We have also already enjoyed 2 sessions of PE with IGNITE sports.

As requested, a weekly update on the more specific learning that will be going on in the Badger Class and these will be found at the bottom of the page starting next week (week beginning 24th September). If you have any questions about any of the learning that is going on within the Badger Class then do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you to all the parents/carers for all the support you have given to the Badger Class so far this term. There is lots of learning and even more fun to be had this year and I can’t wait for the Badger class to make lots of happy memories together.

Here are some of the happy memories we have already made;

Thanks for reading!


Weekly overview of learning – September 2018 onwards.

WB – 24.09.18

WB – 01.10.18

WB 08.10.18


WB – 29.10.18

WB – 05.11.18

WB – 05.11.18




River Walk

Class Two enjoyed a fabulous river walk in Oxford last week, starting in St Ebbe’s and finishing at Christchurch Cathedral. Along the way, we made notes on what we saw, to aid our creative writing back at school. As a result, the children have done some outstanding descriptive writing. In addition, we stopped to put our learning about Monet and Impressionism to the test, by doing some watercolour paintings of the river scene. Here are some photos of our day:

Chinese Cookery

On Tuesday we had a fantastic afternoon of Chinese cookery. Thank you so much to Mrs Gibbs, who came in and made dim sum with the children. We also made fortune cookies with Mrs Lappin, for which we wrote our own fortune messages. At the end of the afternoon we sat together and tasted our fare.


Compton Verney

We had a fantastic day at Compton Verney learning more about the Shang Dynasty. First, we spent time in the gallery learning about and drawing artefacts, in particular the different types of pots and vessels and their significance. Next, we were able to handle real artefacts to get a closer look at the details and how they were made. After lunch, we made our own clay pots and vessels using the knowledge we had gained.

Here are some photographs of the day:

Welcome to the Summer Term
We have started Term 5 like a train!  I am amazed by how much many of the children are reading.  They are hitting some really ambitious weekly reading targets!  Your support at home is making such a difference to the children’s progress.
Our topic, “The Shang Dynasty” is proving popular and the kids are really getting stuck in to some interesting learning.  Please do not forget our trip on 8th May.  We shall be doing some Chinese cooking later on this term and learning about Lady Fu Hao, a quite formidable woman.
Reading Questions and Prompts
Please find below a copy of the reading prompts document, mentioned on the class news page, which was sent home at the start of the year.
Mr Long

Sample Reading Questions:

We really try to encourage the children to read at home at least 4 times a week, with a parent/guardian if possible.

To really help the children to comprehend and understand the text they are reading, it is very worthwhile asking some questions during and after you have heard them read.

The following are some sample questions of the sorts of questions you could use:-

-What voice would the character use? Why?              -How would the character say…?

-What happened to…..?           -What happened after……?                 -Who is/was….?

-What was…..doing when…..?            -What does (a particular word) mean?

-Which words tell you how big/small….?        -How did…..?

-Why did….say/think/do …..?  -Why was…..sad/happy/surprised/excited?

-What do these pages/paragraphs tell you about?      -Why is…… an appropriate title/sub-heading?

-Why is the text arranged in this way?            -What is the heading/sub-heading for?           

-Why is there an exclamation mark/question mark/colon/bullet point?

-What connectives have been?            -What has the author tried to do?

-Which was the most exciting part of the story?  Why?

-Why did the author choose (these words) to describe….?

-How would you describe this story? (traditional tale, myth etc

-Have you read anything similar before?  Why is it similar?

*These are a selection and obviously you don’t need to ask every question at the end of every read.  Asking these questions is particularly effective when your child has finished a story/book.*



Town is by the Sea

We created our own role play versions of our text Town is by the Sea to develop our speaking voices and acting skills. We had to carefully use our inference skills to invent appropriate dialogue and facial expressions to help tell the story. You can click on each photo to enlarge it.


Christmas Baking

We enjoyed making our own mincemeat and mince pies before Christmas.

Hello and happy New Year to you all.

I would like to begin with a huge thank you for all the cards and presents that I received- I comfortably ate my own body weight in chocolate over the festive period!  I am bursting with excitement for our new topic: A Local Study of Stanton Harcourt.  We will also be comparing a village (Stanton Harcourt) to a city (Oxford).  There will be loads of interesting cross-curricular learning to enjoy and I for one can not wait to get cracking!

During terms Three and Four, we shall be swimming, at the Windrush Leisure Centre, every other Friday.  We shall be swimming TOMORROW: 5th Jan.  Then, on 19th Jan2nd Feb23rd Feb9th March23rd March.  Our other PE session will be on Tuesdays, as usual.  Children will need a towel, swimming costume/trunks and a swimming hat.  If your child needs to wear goggles, please ensure you have written a letter to give formal consent.

As ever, if you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to pop in and have a chat.

Kind Regards

Mr Long

Viking Visitor

We had a wonderful day with our viking visitor as you can see from the photos below:

Parents- thank you so much for ensuring your child had their favourite book in school on Thursday 12th Oct.  There was much enthusiasm for our book choices (me included!).


Mrs Hemming and I were immensely proud of our Year 3/4 football team.  They put in a huge amount of effort and did very well to win three out of the four matches.  However, we were particularly impressed by their superb behaviour and levels of sportsmanship, ensuring they represented the school in an extremely positive way- well done!!