Yenworthy – 18th to 22nd of September 2017


We’ve Arrived!



Our adventure began at 8.10am and after an uneventful journey, we arrived safely, just in time for lunch.

The afternoon’s activity involved an obstacle course, where the children had to navigate a variety of challenges and work together in teams. Skedge, our lead instructor, encouraged the children to think carefully about the importance of working cooperatively.

After our delicious tea, we headed out onto the moors for an evening walk – we even lay in the heather and spent a peaceful few minutes taking in the stunning scenery.

The plan for Tuesday will be a mixture of surfing and kayaking, we can’t wait!

More to follow tomorrow…

Day 2 – Tuesday 19th September




Wow, wow, wow!! What a fabulous, fun-filled day we’ve all had.

After a brilliant night’s sleep, everyone was eager to get started with the day’s activities. Before the adventures could begin however, the children all got refuelled with bowls of cereal and delicious bacon butties. After the children had all completed their chores, which ranged from sandwich making to hoovering the main corridor of the lodge, the children were split into 3 groups: Mrs Tingley’s climbers; Mrs Clark’s surfers; and Mrs Kearney’s Kayakers (spot the outstanding alliteration there)!

I think it’s fair to say that everyone (including the wonderful instructors) had an amazing time and all of the children pushed themselves to do things they never thought they were capable of. When the Stanton staff came together at the end of the activities, the first topic of conversation was how utterly supportive, caring and encouraging the groups had been. The children obviously understand the importance of the Stanton Harcourt School values and the adults felt really proud of their attitudes.

Well done Class 3, bring on tomorrow…

Day 3 – Wednesday 20th September


Another day, another fantastic Yenworthy adventure!

Today, Class 3 were split into 2 groups – Cliff adventurers and Kayakers.

Activities today included: rock pooling; making beach sculptures; riding the zip wire; and kayaking fun on Wimbleball Lake.

Yet again, the children impressed all staff with their stamina, enthusiasm, and energy. I think today we will let the photos do the talking.


More to follow tomorrow…

Day 4 – Thursday 21st September


Our last full day!

The children were split into two groups today so that everyone could participate in activities they had not yet had the chance to do. Mrs Kearney and Mrs Tingley took 21 children Putsborough beach, a beautiful location situated at the end of Woolacombe bay. After a grey and rainy start to the day, the sun came out just as the mini buses arrived and the surf looked amazing! The children now faced the near impossible challenge of putting on a wetsuit, something that proved harder than the surfing itself!

Once everyone was suitably kitted out, they ‘hit the waves’ and the children spent a fabulous few hours surfing and ‘wiping out’ in spectacular style but always having brilliant fun.


Mrs Clark took her group to Wimbleball Lake for their kayaking adventure. Despite some breezy conditions, the children managed fantastically well and had a wonderful time leaning paddling and rescue techniques.


We hope everyone has enjoyed the Yenworthy updates. Please do not worry if there are not many pictures of your child as we have put every single photo from the week (and there are hundreds of them) onto the discs that the children have purchased.

Tommorow – Packing and home.

See you all soon…