Bunnies Enjoying Phonics

‘Bunnies’ are our nursery children. They have a history in the village that goes back a number of years and they previously met in the village hall. In more recent times, they came to what then became a Partnership Foundation Stage Unit (PFSU) and were still a separate entity, managed by committee.

Around five years ago, Bunnies became part of the school when the school’s age range extended to 3-11 and they currently attend on all five week-days. If parents are eligible for extended hours funding 30 hours is available. Parents who are only eligible for 15 hours are welcome to pay for additional sessions.

The children follow the Early Years curriculum and are taught by the EYFS teachers in what is now the Foundation Stage Unit (FSU) – as we’re no longer in ‘partnership’ with an outside body. We are an inclusive school and only when we feel that something is unmanageable for the children or inaccessible for them do we not include them in whole school activities.

If you are interested in visiting our EYFSU or want to enquire about a place for your child, please contact the school office. We welcome visits from parents and children.

Please note that a place at Bunnies does not mean your child will automatically have a place in the Reception year at school. You will need to look at the Schools Admissions section of the Oxfordshire website and make an application online during November or December of the year prior to your child starting in Reception Year in September.

Please have a look at our Early Years Prospectus below: