A small school...

...with a big heart

Our link with Uganda through AICM* started in 2017. Rwamahano and Murubindi primary schools are in mountainous, rural south west Uganda where the Batwa people live in challenging geographical and economic circumstances. The two schools have around 250 pupils between them. Children in Stanton Harcourt school have exchanged letters with children in Uganda and we have been raising money for the schools.
Our first milestone was raising £2148.27 to fund solar panels for Rwamahano school. Teachers can now work in the evenings; charge mobile phones enabling access to the internet; and run evening classes for adults. Our most recent campaign was ‘Hungry Minds, Hungry Bodies’ and we raised enough to feed lunch to all the children at both schools for nine weeks, costing around £23 a day.

Both schools are currently closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, though teachers are taking learning materials to the scattered and remote families and staying in contact with the children. Our fundraising has also paused for the moment but we look forward to getting going again in the near future to develop this important link which benefits us all: the children in Uganda benefit from practical assistance in their education; and children in Stanton Harcourt benefit from a window into the wider world and the lives of others.

The link member of staff is Mrs Atherstone. If you have any questions, do please ask her

More information about the schools and the work of AICM can be found on their website: http://www.aicm.org.uk/