Hedgehog Class News 1.3.24

We have had a wet and muddy but very fun week in Hedgehog Class.

A big thank you to all of you who joined us for our Geography stay and learn session – I hope you were all as impressed as I was with the children’s knowledge of Africa. We will continue to practice our song ready to perform it to the whole school at the end of term.

I have been blown away by the children’s most recent extended writing ‘How to make pancakes’, they have managed to successfully incorporate a range of features including time adverbs, imperative verbs, adverbs for detail, prepositions and conjunctions.

We carried out our first observations of our Science experiments, unfortunately/fortunately there wasn’t a lot of mould growth yet. We are inquisitive about what will happen over the next few weeks!

We have assessments next week, I feel confident that the children will do amazingly, so have a restful weekend and a good breakfast on Monday morning!