Hedgehog Class News 10.02.2023

I am so pleased to be back with the wonderful Hedgehogs for another week of learning. In Maths, we have continued our topic of multiplication and division, now moving on to using partitioning to divide 3-digit numbers. We found it a little tricky at first but have persevered and made some really good progress. In English, we have been writing a narrative based on our class book ‘Cosmic’. We are adding a new obstacle into the book which the main characters, Liam and Florida, need to overcome to continue their all-important journey to the greatest thrill ride of all time! The children had some very creative obstacles to overcome, which I am sure you will all enjoy reading at parents evening. In Science, we have finished our space topic by learning about all the planets in our solar system and creating a model of the solar system in a box. We thought about the size and distance of each planet from the sun, before considering the properties of each planet. In art, we have finished the wax drawings of our planet and spent this weeks lesson evaluating the process.

I hope everyone has a wonderful half term and look forward to seeing you all on the first day back!