Hedgehog Class News 10.03.2023

Another busy week has flown by in Hedgehog Class! This week’s blog post will focus on our wonderful RE learning. This term in RE, we are learning about the importance of Jesus’ resurrection to Christians. Last week, we acted out Luke 24, which looks the first people who realised that Jesus had resurrected. After performing our dramas, we talked about all the witnesses to Jesus’ resurrection and the evidence that made them realise what had happened. On Tuesday, we looked more closely at Luke 23 and Jesus’ journey on Good Friday. We then considered how Christians today might feel on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Some of the children wrote some incredibly reflective diary entries from the perspective of Christians on the two days.

On Thursday, Hedgehogs and Owls had a great opportunity to visit Sutton Methodist Church to compare it to St Michael’s. Rev Charles Harris was an excellent guide and the children were able to spot many similarities and differences between the two churches. It was great to have a trip to somewhere in the village that the children had not been to before.

This week has been assessment week in Hedgehog Class and all of our papers have now been completed (hooray!). I have been really impressed with their determination and perseverance throughout. Another highlight of this week has been the Y5/6 netball tournament at Eynsham: well done to all those involved for showing great showmanship.