Hedgehog Class News 10.06.2022



This week, we have welcomed a new member of our class: DJ! DJ is a bearded dragon, belonging
to the Tingley family, who have very kindly allowed us to take care of him this term. The children
have really enjoyed learning all about bearded dragons and how to take care of them. Every day, a
few children have a go at feeding DJ (he enjoys morio worms, blueberry and kale!).

We have spent lots of time this week preparing for assessments, as the end-of-year assessments are
now underway. I have been blown away by every single child’s determination and resilience this week.
They have continued to work incredibly hard, whilst also supporting each other to develop their learning.
This week, we have had the reading assessments and the first maths assessment, and the children
did incredibly well across both papers. They were incredibly proud of their results (as am I!) and it is a real
testament to their hard work this year.

Finally, rehearsals for A Midsummer Night’s Dream are well and truly underway! Every day, the Hedgehog
and Owl Classes come together for an hour to run through scenes and songs. Mrs Atherstone and I have
been astounded with how much effort some children have put into learning their lines and lyrics, which
is wonderful to see.