Hedgehog Class News 15.9.23

We’ve had a lot of fun in Hedgehog class this week. In English, we ‘hot seated’ as children from London 1666, answering questions about what London looked, sounded, smelt and felt like before and after The Great Fire. We will use these ideas to form a setting description, which we will be writing over the next couple of weeks. In RE, we heard and re-told the Christian creation story, we enjoyed doing this outside in the sunshine and joining in with picture props. In Art, we explored different lines and then listened to music whilst drawing lines that best suited the rhythm and creating a beautiful collaborative piece of art. We ended our week with a practical science investigation, making predictions about whether or not a material would be fit for purpose. We needed to find a material that The 3 Little Pigs could use as a window, which would let light through but also obscure the wolf’s view of them. We tested a variety of materials to find some that were translucent, we then voted on which was the most rigid and waterproof. We can’t wait to continue our learning next week.