Hedgehog Class News 16.06.2023

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We have had another busy week in Hedgehog Class, which has involved lots of play rehearsals alongside our normal learning. The children are really enjoying learning the choreography for the play and on stage for the first song have worked so hard (well done Rhys, Luna, Jacob B, Beau and Abdullah). It has been assessment week in Hedgehog Class, so the children have completed assessments in maths, reading, spelling and grammar. They have worked so incredibly hard, despite the heat, and they should be really proud of themselves. In History this week, we have been learning about what the Romans brought to Britain and which of these developments are still significant today. The children have been making powerpoint presentations or posters about their top 5 most significant developments that the Romans brought to Britain, which they will present to the class next week. The level of enthusiasm for this project has been wonderful to see; many children have even asked to stay in at break and lunchtimes to make their presentations even better! A very positive week for Hedgehog Class, keep it up!