Hedgehog Class News 17.03.2023

Another busy week has flown by in Hedgehog Class. On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to be visited by Eleanor Dunn, a PhD Seismic Volcanologist from Dublin. She taught us all about volcanoes and earthquakes, before telling us about her own journey into volcanology. The children were able to ask some really fascinating questions about her work and about volcanoes more generally. Later on, we conducted two practical experiments. For the first one, we were tasked with constructing buildings out of spaghetti and blu-tac. These infrastructures were then placed into a tray of jelly and the jelly was shook to simulate an earthquake. All of the buildings survived the test and it really made us reflect on how earthquake-prone countries create buildings that can withstand the shock. The second practical involved timing how long it took for different materials travel down an inclined slope. This was used to represent the types of lava and how they travel at different speeds down the volcanic flank.

On Thursday, we conducted our experiments as part of the Big Science Event. Last week, the children chose their experiments: the only restriction was that they must fit under the category of ‘solids, liquids and gases’. They came up with some very exciting experiment questions, including ‘which cheese will melt the fastest?’ and ‘which flavour mento will have the largest chemical reaction when mixed with cola?’ Lots of fun was had by all!