Hedgehog Class News 17.5.24

We have achieved so much this week in Hedgehog Class. We have finished our innovative stories about our quests with our sea beasts. We have worked super hard on fractions, focusing on halves, quarters and thirds. We have been making sure we are confident with all of the SPAG we have learnt so far, ready for SATS next week and finally we explored our final two forces, water resistance and buoyancy, in Science. I have included lots of pictures as I love their mixture of expressions whilst testing to see if things floated or sank. We were surprised by some of the objects! I also wanted to shout out our winning team from the Big Science Investigation, the boys had to present their investigation via Zoom to the judges to compete in the next stage, against other Oxfordshire schools. We will keep our fingers crossed for them. Next week is our last lesson on forces and we are creating fact files about Sir Isaac Newton. Have a restful weekend ready for our SATS next week. If anyone would like to do any last minute practice, please check out SATS Special Agent Training Y2 on YouTube.