Hedgehog Class News 18.11.2022

Another wonderful week has flown by in Hedgehog Class. This week, we have completed all of our Maths and English assessments; I have been so incredibly impressed with their hard work and resilience. The children have risen to the challenge and have all used a wide range of strategies to approach some tricky questions. In Science this week, we have been learning all about the parts of a flower, as part of our Living Things and Habitats topic. The children created some beautiful 3D models and annotated the role of each part of the flower. In History, the children have really enjoyed conducting research on the Blitz. They chose the specific areas of the Blitz that they are most interest in, and will be presenting their information over the next week. Finally, as a lovely end of assessment treat, we spent some quality time with our beardie, DJ. Since September, he has been in brumation which, like hibernation, causes bearded dragons to become very lethargic as the weather gets colder. This week, though, DJ has perked up so we fed him all together and the children had the chance to stroke or hold him.