Hedgehog Class News 19.4.24

What a wonderful first week back!

On Tuesday, we travelled underwater to explore Black Rock from our new class text ‘The Secret of Black Rock’ by Joe Todd-Stanton. After reading the story and making inferences based on the images and words, we submerged ourselves into the deep, dark sea to imagine how Erin may have felt whilst she was underwater discovering the amazing creatures who live there.

Throughout the week, we have explored online articles and their features and over the next two weeks we will learn the skills to write our own so that we can tell the world all about Black Rock’s secret!

On Thursday, we started our investigation into forces and the famous scientists who discovered them. Over the coming term we will explore gravity, buoyancy, air resistance and friction. As well as learning about Sir Isaac Newton and why he is such a significant person.

On Monday, we will find out about our new Geography Topic for this term and have a very exciting lesson planned.

Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to another great week of learning.