Hedgehog Class News 22.9.23

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We’ve had another great week in Hedgehog class. The children have really impressed me this week with their incredible writing, they have now drafted setting descriptions for before and after The Great Fire of London and next week they will join these pieces together to create their first extended write of the year. I am really looking forward to reading their finished pieces. We had a very mindful RE lesson, reflecting on things that we are thankful for and how we show our thanks for them. We then looked at how this is similar to how Christians show their thanks to God. Afterwards, we took part in a mindful activity looking at, smelling, feeling and finally tasting a fresh, juicy strawberry. Once we had enjoyed it, we talked about appreciating the little things in life and not taking them for granted. In History, we explored the fire triangle and linked it to the events in London 1666, discussing how the fire triangle was completed and why it was so difficult for them to extinguish the fire back then. Next, we used dominoes to represent the houses and show how quickly the fire would have spread from wooden house to wooden house, in the wind, then recreated the soldiers exploding the buildings to prevent the fire spreading. It was very fun!